May 28, 2012

Fund Raiser! Raise Funds!

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Hello my delightful grouping of dumplings. I have some fun and exciting news for you today. I have launched a project on IndieGoGo. I am trying to raise money to buy a compact mirror-making machine! With this machine I will be conjuring up all sorts of mini masterpieces for you, my darlings.

The goal amount of money will buy:
1) A machine of epic proportions
2) 250 mini mirrors (3" in diameter)
3) Packaging materials designed by Yours Truly

I have 30 days to raise this money or I don't get a penny. That is because I want to achieve this goal completely and wholly and not only partially.

Each person who donates gets a gift! Depending on your donation, you may receive a compact mirror of your choice and potentially a signed print of my work. Every person who donates receives a signed thank-you card featuring a piece of my work BECAUSE I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH.

Can't donate but want to help in another way? You wouldn't believe how far a few words of encouragement go. Seriously. I eat up your comments like candy.

If you know people who you think would love to jump on this project train, please send them the link and know that deep down I am crying from sheer joy and appreciation. This means so much to me.

Thank you all for tuning in and let's get this part started! 30 days!

Go here to donate and see what kind of gift you are ilegible for.


Christine said...

Eligible. Otherwise we're supposed to look at the kind of gift for which we are unreadable ;)

Rebekah Joy Plett said...

Thank you Christine! Sometimes not even spell check can help me.

Dawn Pisturino said...

Your artwork is lovely. Good luck with your project!

photo to painting said...

Amazingly beautiful works...keep it up!
This artwork is very lovely and cute!

Portrait Artist